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Hi Everyone, Saiki here wink and I come to bring news!

Server Reset !!!

As everyone should know, the server will be reset at 00:00 07/10/2018 (GMT) and the Beta, test server, will take action! All the changes and testing that we have done in the beta will finally have resulted: A new stable and bug free server!

Other information:

Now we will organize not only the details of the game, but also the forum, in it will have many things, from notes of updates to events and tutorials!

Comments (6)
ivors1 06 October 2018 à 15:25
You're gonna make a rest of all?
Staff Wolf
Saiki 06 October 2018 à 23:16
00:00 07/10/2018 (Brasilia Time)
cicero 07 October 2018 à 12:33
Arrumem a loteria por favor.
Staff Wolf
Jesus 09 October 2018 à 22:40
felipe 11 November 2018 à 12:33
Porfavor arrumem a loteria, tenho 5 tickets sem uso :'(
marriaga 13 November 2018 à 05:14
regale cosas