November changelogs are now available!

Hello players, during the month of November we made various changes to the server! Here are all the changelogs, and the next updates we have in mind!

Below is the complete list of November updates


Website Changes:

  • Change in route system (Now when you change language you continue on the same page instead of returning to the homepage as before);
  • Added the donation system on the website (OGRINES SHOP);
  • Added change to the VIP colored names on the website (Account> Game Account> Character> VIP Name);
  • Some changes in the layout of the website;
  • Added items from the remaining equipment and their images in the character inventory;
  • New avatar system that updates every 1 hour the photos of your characters;
  • Change in the header, now it accompanies when you go down the page, and, in the right side a new button to return to the top of it;
  • Added new download links (.ZIP Game in Mega, Google Drive and Mediafire);
  • Translation to 100% of the website in all languages;
  • Change in the lottery system, we are working tirelessly to offer the best prizes for you;
  • Lottery system released! (At least the silver ticket, and the images of the items were disabled because it was overloading the vps);
  • Gift system released (where you receive lottery items and vote coins);
  • CHANGE OF THE VOTING SYSTEM, Now the voting system will not give more token and yes PVM coins, to pick up your PVM's coins just go into account gifts and select to which account you will send the coins;
  • VIP System is now available for purchasing;


Changes in the Game:

  • Change in the stars of the mobs, now increases one star every 10 minutes. (There are 20 stars in total);
  • The command ".mm mizz" has been fixed;
  • Now all dungeons have a minimum value of PVM coins, and the following dungeons will have the following rewards:
    • Jalato Dungeon        [2  a   3]  PVM coins;
    • Sylargh Dungeon      [8  a 12]  PVM coins;
    • Kutulu Dungeon       [8  a  12]  PVM coins;
    • Conde Dungeon       [14 a 21]  PVM coins;
    • Obsi Dungeon          [14 a 21]  PVM coins;
    • Ballena Dungeon      [14 a 21]  PVM coins;
    • Papanowel Dungeon [8  a  12]  PVM coins;
    • Mizz Dungeon          [8  a  12]  PVM coins;
    • Cli Dungeon             [8  a  12]  PVM coins;
    • Zurcalia Dungeon     [10 a 15]  PVM coins;
    • Klimi Dungeon         [12 a 18]  PVM coins;
    • Tejjo Dungeon         [12 a 18]  PVM coins;
    • Gelli Dungeon          [12 a 18]  PVM coins;
    • Jefes Dungeon         [20 a 30]  PVM coins;
  • The dungeons of the belly of the whale and the fields were without bosses in the last room, we placed them accordingly;
  • The ".queue" command has been added, shows the number of players in the Kolossium queue;
  • For those who are VIP, you can now see the probability of the mage;
  • Adaptations for VIP (Store > Veteran Rewards) to see the remaining VIP time;
  • The following spells were fixed:
    • Gravitational Glyph;
    • Ceangal Claw;
    • Ecaflip Destiny;
    • Steamers Trident;
  • Changes in the boost that suffered in some invocations (Gobball for example) where it only took into account the INT of the summoner, now takes into account the 4 attributes and was nerfed;
  • Regarding Gravitational Glyph the game was configured to only have "tackled" (Remove AP and MP when trying to escape the enemy CaC), as the glyph applied to the unshakable state that does not let itself be pulled was not "tackle", this was changed;
  • Limit of PVM coins changed in several dungeons;
  • Damage preview added (also configured to change when it receives a "buff" - power or others);
  • Website lottery adaptation to receive gifts in the game;
  • Kolossium 3x3 fixed;
  • Added Havenbag;
  • Now you receive your votes as a gift in game (PVM Coins);
  • Added new Potions EXO: AP, MP, Range and Summon! (The new potions system will work as follows: You will only be able to apply them if your item is not with EXO of AP, MP, Range or Summon, but if your item had only 1 MP and you dropped it, you you can apply it with the exo MP potion that will not count as Exo, count as exo only the effect that is above the default limit of the item or that is new, within the effects AP, MP, Range, and Summon, of course);
  • Now you can buy havenbag and exo potions at the ogrines npc;


Finally, the changelogs have been adapted from forum posts, so if you do not want to wait for the changelogs' monthly post, you can visit them on: Updates


Thank you and, GOOD GAME!


~Staff Dofus Wolf

Comments (11)
Staff Wolf
Saiki 23 November 2018 à 08:09
GG izi (y)!!!
mari 23 November 2018 à 10:17
Grandes Cambios Se Vienen... Interesante.. pero Me Hubiera Gustado Si Fuesen Editado A Los Osas Super Bug...
xandi 23 November 2018 à 14:08
espero que o pvp esqueta por que isso que importa no jogo online wolf deixa o pvp equilibrado porfavor
Staff Wolf
Jesus 23 November 2018 à 16:05
Pastore 23 November 2018 à 18:42
¿Qué día se aplicará esta actualización?
Staff Wolf
Saiki 23 November 2018 à 21:31
se aplicó esta mañana
Juan 24 November 2018 à 07:00
OMG, Sigan así ❤
Jesus 24 November 2018 à 07:52
Arreglen la lotería y metan todos los sets porfa
Staff Wolf
Master 26 November 2018 à 01:42
metan el set anerice
Staff Wolf
Master 26 November 2018 à 01:43
Metan el set anerice y el set Illyzaelle ademas arreglen los bugs de razas y ya quiero gastar mis casi 30 tickets de loteria AJAJAJAJ