December updates are now available!

Hello players, during the month of December we will be making many changes to the server! Here are all the changelogs done so far!


Below is the complete list of December updates


Website changes:

  • Ogrines Promotion! You now receive an additional 50% of the order amount. (for an indefinite time and only for payments via Paypal).


Game changes:

  • Changes in some summons and towers: 
    • The wisdom of some summons (these summons are summons without much impact) have been diminished;
    • The wisdom of The Madoll was nerfed;
    • The wisdom of The Ultra-Powerful was nerfed;
    • Intelligence, Chance, Strength, Agility and Wisdom from the steamer towers were nerfed;
    • These nerfs were necessary for the adaptation of summoner levels (Before the limit was 200 and now its 255, which ended up causing a small miscalculation that increased these attributes);
  • Correction in a Bug in the Mage of the weapon, where when putting a potion of element, had a small chance to bug allowing leaving the item full!
  • Test change in guild costume, and case of any bug, just re-log in!
  • Change in (Red and Black) Wyrmling, (Podgy and Black) Tofu and Gobbal (Normal and Black) in Boost (Now scale more with Summoner status than level it is).
  • Change of Tackle in the Sadida Tree.
  • In some specific cases (very specific), when you entered a new guild having just left another, it was not saved (May need revision)!
  • Spell Convalescence from the Sacrier was fixed!
  • Items that needed to have some kind of completed mission were disabled (Mainly by WILL KILLSON's dagger), if this negatively impacts other items, it will be reviewed again!
  • When defending the Perc of your guild (only for guild level higher than 200) was buging, this does not happen anymore!
  • Now guilds that reach a level higher than 200 will win '°' in the name, for example: ° Wolf Dofus °. And in the yearbook will only show the level exceeding 200 (eg: if the guild is level 216, in the yearbook it will stay level 16, but with the different name).
  • Sram's Chakra Concentration had a bug in the passive, now it's right!
  • Changes in relationships with Steamers Towers
    • Towers of Steamers had the recalculation of life (Nerf) redone and its damage too (again)!
    • Breakwater was fixed, before it transmitted any kind of damage, now only Cac (1 cell away)!
    • Scaphander was fixed, before he gave PM for every damage taken, now only with the PA perch!
    • Change in attack abilities of the towers, now the three towers will make the special attack at the beginning of their turn and only at the third level of evolution (It was very bugged that), and with that it had changes in the abilities Rescue (the Lifesaver's special spell ), which was not removing the effect after first use; the Boomboom spell in which he was the Harpooner's special, was bugged, now he redirects to the damage spells: Booboome (earth damage), Bwoobwoom (water damage), and Booboomf (fire damage). Maybe it still needs some changes in the spell Transko (the special spell of Tacturret) but this will be decided in the future!
  • When a guild passed level (only level 200+ guilds), the connected Players took DC, it was fixed!
  • Now guilds above level 200, besides the different name that came in the last update, now will have a special Emote!
  • Alliagem (Alliance Building Stone) now sells in the NPC of vip ogrinas.
  • Update on the Alliances:
    • Alliance was bugged regarding guilds 200+ levels, it was fixed;
    • Now you can only have one Client per IP in the Perc Fight (either as a defender or an attacker, only 1 IP), and along with that came Perc's defense system through the alliance! When someone attacks a Perc of a guild that is their alliance, they will display a warning and appear on the alliance attack panel as well;
    • Alliance motd (message) fixed!
    • Alliance newsletter fixed!
    • Alliance chat fixed!
    • Alliance covenant transfer system fixed!
    • Removal of alliance guilds fixed (either the alliance leader to remove, or if the guild itself wants to quit);
    • Yearbook of the alliance was fixed! (May need revision);
  • Emotes and Emoticons does not work in the general Shortcut Bar, now it already works and together it was revised for when to lose them, to disappear of the bar too!
  • When entering the character, the information in the corner of the map did not appear, only when you changed map, it has already been fixed!


Finally, the changelogs have been adapted from forum posts, so if you do not want to wait for the changelogs' monthly post, you can visit them on: Updates


Thank you, and, GOOD GAME!


~Staff Dofus Wolf

Comments (22)
Staff Wolf
Saiki 02 December 2018 à 05:47
GG izi
gabriel 02 December 2018 à 05:51
voces ja repararam que a sacola do doppel enu n esta funcionando nele, no templo
muha 02 December 2018 à 13:30
voting dont work
David 02 December 2018 à 15:14
Colocaran algún método para comprar ogrinas en Colombia?
David 02 December 2018 à 19:13
Pueden colocar también el set Anerice y el de Ilyzaelle que hacen falta
Paulo 03 December 2018 à 20:58
nao to ganhando quando voto.
Staff Wolf
Saiki 03 December 2018 à 21:30
Paulo Houve a mudança de sistema de votos, agora você receber as moedas pvm , para receber é muito simples, vá em gestão de contas > Seleciona uma conta> Transferir presentes e selecione as moedas
icito 07 December 2018 à 11:52
i cant play on server 07.12.2018 its hard to connect to the server and when i come online i cant use the chat and commands wtf ?!?
icito 07 December 2018 à 11:59
how time will take ? why server is offline ?
luis 07 December 2018 à 13:13