Exactly five months ago – it was on a July 17th – a new server came along.  Dofus Wolf. A server created to taste for the players, shaped with their emotions!

"Wow, I played Wolf in 2016", calm down, 5 months ago it reopened! And this month things have been very complicated for us from Staff Wolf, we've been working on the team and we still intend to make some other changes ... But enough of that and we are going logos for the novelties!


The last thing we want to do is close the Wolf, we are going through financial difficulties (and we are still going through) but we have already been able to raise about 100% (Thanks to Isadora Melo and Eduardo Chiapetti, we love you) of next month's value, so we still need to your help, either with donations or by publicizing the Wolf. But certainly regardless of reaching the minimum value we will continue.

We want to implement in 2019 several systems, from basic to the most advanced for the player to have a complete experience :

  • Incarnations system.
  • Alliance system.
  • Wedding system.

These three system are already almost ready, just missing a few tweaks to be tidy.


Between 20/12 and 02/01 the following events will be held:

  • Up and Drop with double rates (x2)!
  • Voting tickets will be Christmas. (Special items).
  • And several other in-game events. 

-Sincerely Saiki.

Comments (10)
andrés 17 December 2018 à 07:24
5 meses y los que vendran!
cicero 17 December 2018 à 14:20
Vinicius 18 December 2018 à 02:18
Parabéns sz sz !!!!!
David 18 December 2018 à 02:51
Hagan mas publicidad, eso ayudaría un poco a crecer.
Cristopher 18 December 2018 à 05:19
ojala los ayuden con donaciones para que sean muchos mas yo si puedo lo haré
Juan 21 December 2018 à 05:00
El server es muy bueno, yo llevo 2 meses & me pareció muy bueno, espero que no cierre porque en verdad es muy entretenido.
joshua 26 December 2018 à 11:59
Any Christmas event so sad
ala 27 December 2018 à 19:46
I cant update , help pls
Paolo 03 January 2019 à 21:58
No puedo ingresar al juego
Staff Wolf
Saiki 04 January 2019 à 01:03
Ala whats your problem? Paolo, ¿cual es el problema?