January updates are now available!

Hello players, during the month of January we will make many changes to the server! Here are the changelogs all done so far!


Below is the complete list of January updates


Website changes:

  • Promotion of 25% OFF! In all forms of payments!  (Closed on 01/21/2019).
  • The rankings have been  modified in:  levels , banners and now it is  possible to  classify in  classes !
  • Ranking of Koli 3v3, Koli 1v1 and Ranking of votes were  added wink.
  • Added multi-language system in the images too !
  • The user images have been temporarily removed in the round of votes and the images of the lottery items!
  • Back of the fund plans (removal of the Christmas theme).
  • Fix roles  (positions / functions).
  • Future maintenance will be faster and better (a console was implemented in which the staff can manage the commands without having to be present in the game).


Game changes:

  • Change of vps (this  impacts  directly on the emulator and site performance).
  • When changing vps had a small problem with the idols and to enter the server, it was fixed!
  • Change in some warnings of errors within the game.
  • Change in honor system (may need some adjustments yet).
  • Prism Weakend (weakened), was bugging when restarting the server, has been fixed!
  • The prism of the PvP map area has been removed and  locked  to put in that area again! Because as the prism enters the weakened state it blocks the alignment aggressions, leaving only covenant  people to  have the AvA. (frown)
  • Fixed some 'spell buffs' bugs that it caused when a monster wore any of the 'spell buffs'!
  • Changed the name (in the .tp temple command) of some temples (different accents or names in  French ).
  • Now you will never be born off the map (and not the monsters), it was put to when there is no fighting cell (cases of some maps) to generate the positions in  'moveable' cells  ! (In the future I intend to sort out all the cells of all the maps, so some maps will not depend on that anymore).
  • The command of Koliseu suffered additions of words (because of linguistic variations  ) use the command like: Colosseum, Kolossium, etc ... 
  • Summons of Sadida has undergone some changes!
  • Chatting with someone (private message) that had the vip name outside your map, caused bug of not finding the player, was tidy!
  • Vip name do not bug more the  Wolf window title  !
  • Wedding system added as well as the npc priest (marriage and divorce) in church! (The double tp will work that neither the vip tp, just can not in dung, and I already know that to 'follow' is a bit buggy).
  • New .tp church command.
  • When you received the PVM Ogrines in char selection screen, you added your own separately, now every time you enter they will get settled wink.
  • Rates of the Christmas event has been withdrawn.
  • Add a test log of some errors when they are  disconnected .
  • Guild without alliance was bugging to defend the perc, it was tidy!
  • Now it shows when the server is saving the characters (if that messes up the players a lot, I'll come back the way it was)!
  • The Sacrificial of Sadida was buffed and had her passive (which was non-existent) neat!
  • Command Parameters now support multi-language (so far only '.help' has been translated).
  • Has changed some functions (Roles / positions) of commands, now Vip will have its exclusive!


Finally, the changelogs have been adapted from forum posts, so if you do not want to wait for the changelogs' monthly post, you can visit them on: Updates


Thank you, and, GOOD GAME!


~Staff Dofus Wolf

Comments (12)
Staff Wolf
Mateus 02 February 2019 à 07:42
Excelente! Equipe wolf sempre melhorando nossa gameplay!
martin 16 February 2019 à 23:10
cuando actualizaran a dofus 2.47? para que existan las variantes de hechizos
leonardo 17 February 2019 à 06:30
hola esta on?
Antonio 17 February 2019 à 06:30
no me puedo conectar XD
leonardo 17 February 2019 à 06:31
ni yo dice que no se encontro el server
leonardo 17 February 2019 à 06:44
dani 17 February 2019 à 13:51
esto no va
Matheus 17 February 2019 à 14:19
andres 17 February 2019 à 14:51
off :(
Matheus 17 February 2019 à 15:03
Quando volta?