Various information that has already come and is yet to come in the Wolf!

Hello Players, I came to the public to clarify some information that many should already know and also to stop some doubts!
During the month of February it was very run for the Wolf staff , so it did not have many emulator updates, but that does not mean it has not changed at all! On the contrary, Wolf has recruited 3 new GMs and we have also switched to VPS !


The Staff had to grow a little to meet the demand of new players, so we recruited (4... it's unfortunately the selection was not that efficient ;/)  3 New Gm's that are them:

  • Momonga.
  • Neo-Wares.
  • Shouji.

And the Game Helpers Charges will be decided in the next 2 days!


As many already know the month of February there were many attacks directed at Wolf , but we hunted the coyotes in the middle of the pack and exterminated , fixing some security flaws (nothing that compromises your data!) And together we already embarked on that and we upgraded on VPS ! The Vps required a lot of memory RAM and not much of the processor switched to a plan where the processor has suffered a drop in power (about 30% but nothing that anger compromising performance, because the emulator did not reach the 50% threshold ) now in memory Ram the old Vps was very sinful, had only 4GBand almost always was at 90% usage or more, so we increased to 12GB (3 times more) to get bandwidth for new players!


Change in the market and prices:

As we did an upgrade in VPS and spent all night yesterday off, we decided to make an Ogrines Promotion  (actually it's because vps got more expensive even haha) . The promotion will last for about 1 week and will be 50% OFF on  Ogrines and VIP prices ! In addition the  Ogrines ( Coins VIP ) coins will rise 25% of their amount permanently, ie if before the smaller package was 500  Ogrines , it will now be 625  Ogrines !

The quantities of  Ogrines will change to:

  • The package of 500  Ogrines will become 625  Ogrines!
  • The package of 1000  Ogrines will become 1250  Ogrines!
  • The package of 2000  Ogrines will become 2500  Ogrines!
  • The package of 3000  Ogrines will become 3750  Ogrines!
  • The package of 4000  Ogrines will become 5000  Ogrines!
  • The package of 5000  Ogrines will become 6250  Ogrines!

Upcoming events and championships:

  • Cosplay contest (Name not yet decided), no date planned!
  • PvP Tournament, no date planned!
  • (If you have a good idea and want to appear here just comment!)

In general, we Wolf Staff and especially you, we are evolving Wolf more and more and forming a place where everyone can dream and have fun! I (Saiki) was a bit out in the month of February (personal problems), but now the staff is great, as I said right upstairs, any questions just ask the new staff.


We all thank everyone for their interest in Wolf,

The team.

Comments (6)
jose 02 March 2019 à 23:51
Juan 03 March 2019 à 00:06
Ahora a esperar el torneo de PVP
cleverson 06 March 2019 à 01:25
evento cosplay estou dentro kkk
jose 07 March 2019 à 13:29
dar ideas pues podriais hacer eventos de doplones, carreras de dungs, y de pvp ya lo que se os pueda ocurrir porque ahi mil formas xD
Cristopher 23 March 2019 à 02:49
cuando van a arreglar las fichas de 50 votos? -.-
Alejandro 13 May 2019 à 00:32
Por que el uginak no es una clase seleccionable y si hay templo?