The new changes are already in the air, come and enjoy this new adventure!

Welcome to the new version of Wolf, the long-awaited update 2.47, and along with it came several new features and changes such as: variable spells, and a new balance of market and prices, and many other things.

Many people must be excited about this new update and these big changes that happened on the server! Wolf is now focused on Anka-Like (not that it was not fierce before, but the PVM was not so worked) and all that thanks to all the constructive Comments and Criticisms that the Wolf community gave.

And these are the main changes:

   Spell variables (which will have an exclusive post to talk about them, be it balancing or debuffing them).
   More than 101 dungeons added.
   Fully functional professions (and hunter profession exclusives now available).
   Capture of Dragopavos, Mulaguas and Flightfighters.
   Reformulation of how to obtain items in Wolf.
   New Npcs and revised texts.

New Dungeons Available:

In this update, Wolf has over 101 dungeons available, each with a different experience! In dungeons it will be possible to obtain from pets to Dofus. And a wolf exclusively dungeon manager was also added! After entering the dungeon, it will automatically appear in your dungeon manager, and this item allows you to teleport to the dungeons, and the difference between entering the dungeon by the Npc and by the item, is that by the Npc at the end of the dungeon you will return to the npc of the corresponding dungeon and for the item you will return to your old position. (If you are in Astrub and you already went to a dungeon, and you go to it for the item, when you finish you will return to Astrub).

You can find out more about the rewards and where you find each dungeon in the tutorial available on the forum (Topic under construction).

Changes in the Mounts:

The frames are still being revised for a better experience, but we already have new content! Now wolf contains the Auto Pilot potion that will be very useful to explore the whole game, these potions are already available in the shops in Astrub.

Dragopavo, Mulagua, and Flying Hound mounts are now being reshaped, and it's now possible to capture them in simple ways:

        In Dragoturkeys, you will need the Dragovoke Capture Net and the Mount Domestication spell, just equip it and end the battle with the spell activated.

       In Mulaguas you will need a Mulaguas Capture Net to capture them and you do not need a spell, but when you succeed in capturing you will lose the net.

       In Flightbirds you will need a Flightfighter Capture Net to capture them and you do not need a spell, but when you succeed in capturing you will lose the net.

all initial frames are already being captured with a 10% success rate, the nets are already on sale in the Astrub Npcs and the crossing of the frames will be accommodated soon ...


Market reformulation and how to obtain objects in wolf:

As the server suffered some alterations, the market and the way to obtain the objects was also altered, the sets below level 50 can be bought by orbs, but the others have to be manufactured (that's why the professions were revised), and the resources collectibles can be obtained by orbs as well. And with that the objects will become more valuable balancing the market and the magueo.

Npcs and revised texts:

Since we added several Npcs for the dungeons, we have already verified the other npcs to be as expected. And we are still finishing checking all the texts of all the languages!

Other news:

We also released the mount fencing purchases for the Guild, changed where you get the lineups from, but we'll explain these things better in another forum tutorial post.



Comments (10)
Mateo 01 March 2020 à 08:17
¿Como puedo realizar la actualizacion?
lucifersz 04 March 2020 à 02:29
nombren las nuevas mazmorras
Rodrigo 04 March 2020 à 22:26
Os calabouços já estão funcionando? Para acessá-los, os locais são os mesmos do mapa original?
lucas 05 March 2020 à 10:35
As oficinas das profissões estão bugadas? quando entro em uma, não consigo mais sair da mesma.
christian 07 March 2020 à 08:11
Y donde se descarga?
Staff Wolf
Saiki 10 March 2020 à 10:01
Mateus, christian, é só baixar o novo cliente em : ! Rodrigo, sim é os mesmo locais.. lucas isso ja foi corrigido, se encontrar algo assim denovo é só reporta a staff ! E lucifer, nomear todas as masmorras fica dificil, mas é o mesmo lugar no original e voce pdoe saber quais possui os dofus acessando :
Carlos 11 March 2020 à 08:31
Link válido para discord por favor
Staff Wolf
Saiki 12 March 2020 à 15:15
tokeshy 15 March 2020 à 22:45
pq os dragoperu nao dao os bonus?
James 29 March 2020 à 03:40
A prof de caçador não está funcionando. Testei tanto com a Faca de caça, quanto com uma arma mageada pra virar arma de caça. Não funcionou.