March updates are now available!

Hello players, during the month of march we will make many changes to the server! Here are the changelogs all done so far!


Below is the complete list of march updates


Website changes:

  • Visual changes and adaptation for mobile devices!
  • Release of the Friend Referral system.


Game changes:

  • Skill fix: Sram clone and double, Osa Link, Cra fulmiante arrow, Iop scarecrow, Panda chamkram
  • Changes in the lives and status of invocations (Osa and Sadida benefited)


Future website changes:

  • Completion of the friend referral system.
  • Changes in Lottery rewards.


Future game changes:

  • Addition of sales of resources that had no way to achieve it (the sale will be made by nuggets or kamas, we are deciding)
  • We already noticed that some paddocks bugged, will be solved.
  • Invitation system for dungeons.
  • Fix on Doppeus Zobal and Panda that are not giving rewards.
  • Review of some mobs like Kimbo, silf, moon, Splinter cell and rei dazak that has high resistance.
  • Change in the status of Mont scarab.
  • "Mount" npc.
  • Shield review.

 PS: The VPS will be changed to improve the performance soon, and we will also open a vacancy on the staff (which will be discussed in another post.) And to know more about referring friends just go to this one (forum topic).

Finally, the changelogs have been adapted from forum posts, so if you do not want to wait for the changelogs' monthly post, you can visit them on: Updates


We all thank everyone for their interest in Wolf,

The team.

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