April updates are now available!

Hello players, during the month of april we will make many changes to the server! Here are the changelogs all done so far!


Below is the complete list of april updates


Website changes:

  • Removed some bugs!


Game changes:

  • Addition of sales of resources that had no way to achieve (in nuggets in the chest   of treasure, if any were left leave in the comment ).
  • Invitation system for dungeons.
  • Guild Fence Fix!
  • Queue on Fix servers!
  • Queue at login Fix (the queue at login can still occur in some cases, it is being reviewed).
  • Fix on the kimbo, now it invokes the odd and even glyph (in some cases if using skills of various   elements can bug, we're already aware).
  • Change in the values of Ash   (Via kolifichas and Doplons)
  • Change in the amount of Kolifichas received.


Future website changes:

  • Completion of the friend referral system.
  • Changes in Lottery rewards.


Future game changes:

  • Bonus addition   exp and drop for single player. (In revision)
  • If the player is solo there will be no minimum prosperity   to obtain   of dofus. (In revision)
  • Options to fight with dopple per level.
  • Fix on Doppeus Zobal and Panda that are not giving rewards (and on Sac and Eni that give more than necessary ).
  • Review of some mobs like silf, moon, Splinter cell and rei dazak that have high resistances.
  • Change in the status of Mont scarab.
  • "Mount" npc.
  • Shield review.


Finally, the changelogs have been adapted from forum posts, so if you do not want to wait for the changelogs' monthly post, you can visit them on: Updates


We all thank everyone for their interest in Wolf,

The team.

Comments (3)
Jose 07 April 2020 à 01:42
Ashton 07 April 2020 à 19:13
Dark Jungle in Otomai and Tree Keeholo Trunk missing drops and area Tree Keeholo Trunk not accessible
nacho 08 April 2020 à 14:34
perfecto! de a poco van saliendo cosas geniales! gracias genios!