Come help grow the Wolf community!

Hello Wolves, this new event will work in two parts , with several rewards !


The first step is very simple, you need to take a picture of your character in the game (It can be anywhere in the game) saying: "Come be part of Wolf you too!" And publish this photo in 10 posts or comment on FACEBOOK ( In groups or pages related to Dofus or private servers) or WHATSAPP or (GROUPS OF WHATSAPP RELATED TO DOFUS) with the following description:
"Come meet Dofus Wolf Server 2.47 -> ★ NO P2W ★ Races 100% ★ PVP & PVM ★ Paddock Guild ★ Koliseu 3x3 & 1x1 ★ Balanced Rates ★ Mage ★ 101+ Dungs ★ Prisms and Alliances 100% ★ Perc ★ ★ Staff with Programmers ★ Facebook ★ PAGE: ★ REGISTRATION LINK: [YOUR REGISTRATION LINK] ★ ".

After taking 10 prints of your comment or publication, comment on this link Forum , saying your email and the name of your character and the 10 photos proving the facts! (You can get your referral link on this page ! )



This second stage is already a little more complicated, to participate you must complete the first stage, and your friend will register with your link indicating that he will be linked to you! At the end of the event you will have a ranking by the ranking of top 15 nominations   (it will count for each referred friend who has at least one character level 100+, and accounts on the same IP or computer will not be valid! ).


For the participants of the first part will be:

  • 1x Cloudy Dofus
  • 1x Ocre Dofus

For the winners of the second part will be:

  • 1st Place: 2000  Ogrines!
  • 2nd Place: 1500  Ogrines!
  • 3rd Place: 1250  Ogrines!
  • 4th to 5th Place: 1000  Ogrines!
  • 6th to 9th Place: 750  Ogrines!
  • 10th to 15th Place: 500  Ogrines!


This event runs until 04/19/2020, where the winners of the second stage will be published!


  • 1st Place: YISUSPLZ1.
  • 2nd Place: cyberpowerpc.

Comments (8)
ferneyspro 10 April 2020 à 16:23
No puedo participar si soy nuevo?
ferneyspro 10 April 2020 à 16:35
Não posso participar se sou novo?
Staff Wolf
Saiki 10 April 2020 à 23:18
puede si
nacho 11 April 2020 à 17:08
Saiki, compartí los pantallazos en el grupo de whatsapp porque no me deja subir todas las imágenes en el foro! soy Aine
uallas 25 April 2020 à 14:26
To chegando..... Download 28%
brenno 26 April 2020 à 00:25
pessoal esse dofus é limitado pra quem n paga?
nacho 27 April 2020 à 15:20
ya he participado antes de esto Saiki, y no han dado premio. Soy Aine
Matheus 07 May 2020 à 21:47
Xp das profissões está muito baixo, não teria como aumentar?